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Thor's SAAB Portal is a feeble attempt to catalog some of the voluminous SAAB content on the 'net (This'll never be finished...)


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(while perhaps not purely Saab, all have a Saab connection of sorts)

Eric Kriss Electric Sonett Conversion
The Shift Pattern


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Saab Heritage Museum USA
saabmuseum.com - Over 200 pages of SAAB history.
92001 - The prototype SAAB, aka the ur-SAAB.
92 - The first production SAAB. In green with no trunk! Two cylinders, 28hp.
93. - The debut of the mighty three and the single overhead fanshaft.
94 - The Sonett Super Sport. Only six. Ever. So neat.
95 - The first SAAB estate car. For real, 7 passengers since 1959!
96 - In production from 1960 to 1980, the quintessential SAAB.
97 - SAAB Sonett
98 - The stillborn 96 combi coupe that might have been.
99 - SAAB goes upmarket with speed and power.
900 - (Classic). Love it or hate it, probably more 900's on the road than any other SAAB.
90 - Take a 99, graft on a 900 tail and the 90 was born. Never sold in the US, but still popular with many Europeans.
9000 - SAAB goes further upmarket with the 9k.
New-gen 900 - In 1994 the 900 became a brand new car.
92X - The new SAAB 92X April 2003 Press Release
93 - The new gen 900 begat the 93.
93 Viggen - The 93 gets a 230 bhp heart transplant.
93 - Sport Sedan.
2004 93 Convertible.
93 Sport Hatch.
95 - The 95 sedan.
9x - The 9x concept car.
97x - The 97x
Aero X - The Aero X Concept Car

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9-3SS Brake Pad Replacement Pt1 (YouTube)
9-3SS Brake Pad Replacement Pt2 (YouTube)
9-3SS Air Filter and Oil Change (YouTube)
Classic 900
Bad Taillight Ground
Bad Taillight Brake Lights
Heater Valve
Add Auxiliary Power
Hatch Latch Repair
Handle Classic 900 Front Suspension Service With Care!

Sticking e-brake ('75-'87)
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The Mason-Dostie Maneuver
Relays and 100w Light Wiring
Larry's Classic 900 Engine Guide
Larry's Guide to 900 and 9000 LH-Jetronic Components
Jeff's Guide to SAAB Wheels
Mark Jeter's B Engine Electric Water Pump Conversion Guide
Mark Jeter's 8 Valve Intercooler Installation Guide
Mark Jeter's Classic 900 Auto to 5 speed conversion guide
SAAB 900/9^3 Audio Guide
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Shan's Classic 900 Fuel Systems
Shan's Classic 900 Transmission
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nu k?r vi!
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