Little LeMans?

These photos are from "A Guide to American Sports Car Racing", published in 1960. Captions are few, but this sure looks like the old Little LeMans series...

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The drivers run for their cars. Note the four racing 93's just left of center.
Getting closer. The LeMans start meant you had to run for your car, buckle in, start the engine and drive off!
The drivers get in. I guess these are 93's (note the rear hinged doors).
3 of the 4 SAABs pull out. Is that sand or blue smoke trailing those cars?
A pit stop in a 93. Don't you wish you had seen these races?
Reinforced Wheels

During the practice session for the 1958 Little Lemans endurance race at Lime Rock, steel wheels were breaking off the factory entered cars. All five lug bolts were still attached to the drum, the wheels split apart around the lugs. Chris Custer spent the night before the race welding gussets on either side of the lugs to strengthen the wheel. The front wheels received crescent shaped gussets on the inside of the wheel in addition to the smaller gussets around the lug nuts on the outside of the wheel. I have an original set of four rims that were used during a Little Lemans race back in the late 1950's. The gussets fixed the problem entirely and were later available through the Sport and Rally catalog. Last year I mounted a new set of snow tires to my set of gusseted wheels and mounted them to my 61 96. Unfortunately they are too bent to balance perfectly and caused vibration at speeds over 60 mph.
- Bruce Turk

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