Ode(s) to the Sonett

October, 1998: In a burst of Turbo! silliness, the following streamed forth on the Turbo! list...

From: William "Chip" Lamb A sonnet: 

All these kids who can't even spell right 
Make my day just a little more the blight 
Even those who want their old SAAB to go faster 
Can't for the life of them spell "Sonett", the bastards! 

From: Sarah K. Robinson So a Sonett's got four wheels, 
And four cylinders, that's fine. 
But a poem's not a sonnet 
Unless it has *fourteen* lines!
From: Thor Carlson The original SAAB Sonett 
Had cylinders less than four 
It wasn't till '68 
That they got one more
From: Lewis Eig if we are talking of the sonett 
and  the year was sixty-seven 
70 cars had the mighty four 
but the strokers were made in heaven 
Also from Lewis: no poems, this time, dear... sonett is derived from the swedish term, so neat it is...or something close...in american english, the closest we can come is sonett, the the accent on the nett...soNETT, maybe more like saNETT...I guess
From: William "Chip" Lamb 
(Jan 5, '99)
Another Sonnet (by William Strokespeare): 

I dream of a world 
Where I can stand on my bonnet 
And never have to worry 
Someone calls my SAAB a "Sonnet"

From: William "Chip" Lamb 
(Aug 29, '99)
A Nother Sonnet, by William Strokespeare (deceased)

To call a car a Sonnet
Must mean it's a beautiful thing
But most have more than fourteen lines
Even those that ring-a-ding

A Sonnet is a lovely piece
To regale your dearest one
And to laugh at the chaff of the Saab corporate staff
When they don't let you have any fun.

The Swedish Engineering team
Of our favourite jet-bred marque
Remarked one early day in the midst of play
"So nett den ar" til it was dark.

Remember then, friends, when making concours remarks
"Sonett" is the name to which vintage SAABers hark.

(happy, Sarah? It's 14 lines!)

From: Jim Williams 
(Dec 17, '00)

I still prefer the one I composed, with a nod to Ogden Nash's poem about the llama...
The one-N Sonett, he's a Swede;
The two-N Sonnet, verse you read.
And I will bet
an Easter bonnet
There ain't no two-N, two-T Sonnett.

From: Mike "SaabDude" Szostkiewicz 
(Feb 12, '01)

Well, in my new found spirit of poetic literariness... (originally printed in NINES #227) here's the second installment:


To own a Saab 97
is to have a little piece of Heaven.
For this car is truly amazing
the way you feel when you drive the little thing.

It matters not whether it be
a II, V4, or III.
a Saab Sonett is a one of a kind.
A truly rare and opportunistic find.

For those what are not familiar with this little treat,
tell them it looks like a cross between and Opel and a 240Z.
But as we all know,
the Saab Sonett will go
down in history
as the best car with only two seats.

So now as you can tell
this car you should never sell.
But take this action only if you must
feel safe that your Sonett will never gather dust.

Because to own a Saab 97
is to have a little piece of Heaven.

From: William "Chip" Lamb 
(Aug 4, '03)
There once was a man with a Sonett
Whose friends would sit on the bonnet
It made him quite mad, for the cracks got right bad
And on top of that, they all spelled it "Sonnet"!

And, from the SSR home pages (www.autosite.se/saab) , and posted to Turbo! by Larry West, the following Sonett stats:
The Sonett Super Sport: 1957 
Only 6 ever made
The Sonett II: 3 cyl 70HP two-stroke motor 
1966: 28 'test' articles 
1967: 229 made 
Total stroker sonetts: 258
The Sonett V4 (NOT Sonett II V4, even though they share almost identical sheetmet-, er fiberglass...) 
1967: 69 
1968: 899 
1969: 639
The Sonett III - new body style 
1970: 303 
1971: 1265 
1972: 2000 
1973: 2300 (around this time Saab was forced to bolt on the big-99 style bumpers. Too bad, as it does nothing for the car's lines.) 
1974: 2483

Thumbnails courtesy of Chris Moberg's Sonett Rogues Gallery

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