July 13, 2014: Through overcast and threatening skies, it was still another fabulous Sunday of Saabs 'n Food at Oneonta graciously hosted, as always, by Ed, Cameron and Riley Lorenz, featuring a pleasing combination of older and not so much older cars.

Ed's beautiful '86 convertible with 5 speed conversion

A portion of the Lorenz collection

Bruce Turk's '58 93B

Mike St. Pierre's 96

Barry Mabel's El Aquacate!

Jon Williams' spectacular 900 convertible sported a fresh trionic conversion

Gary Stottler's 99 Turbo!

Remember this car from SOC13? Much has been accomplished in the past 11 months

Nothing pulls like a Deere! Picnic host Ed Lorenz pulls Dean Gordon up the steep driveway

Sonett II #000218 occupying a place of honor at the Lorenz drive in

Arriving from Topeka via California

Arriving from Canada enroute to Delaware

A fraction of the Lorenz collection

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