On Sunday, July 9th, 2017, the largest gathering of Saab convertibles, in North America, or maybe the world!*, took place at the Rhinebeck Aerodrome, Rhinebeck NY. All years of Saab convertibles were invited to park on the airfield, followed by an airshow featuring World War I era airplanes, culminating in a dogfight between a Sopwith Pup and a Fokker Triplane.

*Hyperbole courtesy of Ed Lorenz

Convertible group photo by Chuck Lage

Aerial view of the convertibles from the Rhinebeck biplane

Aerial view of the convertibles from the Rhinebeck biplane. More arrived later.

View of the Hudson River from the Rhinebeck biplane

There was a tractor parade too

Artist hard at work

A faithful replica of the Spirit of St Louis - the original hangs in the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in Washington, DC. The table in the foreground contains reproductions of the equipment Lindbergh took on his flight.

One option for upgrading the 9-3 factory stereo. This is a Pioneer.

Sopwith Pup with rotary (not radial) engine. The rotary engine spins around with the propeller.

Fokker Triplane

Biplanes on Sunday afternoon bombing run

Sopwith with rotary engine

Airshow actors posed for selfies after the show.

Fokker Triplane trails black smoke after being "shot" by Sopwith Pup

Photo by Jonathan Williams

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