BFP's, aka Big Fat Pipes...

SAAB and Saab have a long history of offering sporty exhaust system and exhaust tip accessories for the discerning owner. Here are a few, presented chronologically...

This image from the book: Saab The First Forty Years of SAAB Cars shows the tail end of an old model 93. Dig that price!
From the 1988 Accessories Catalog
From the 1992 Accessories Catalog
From the 1997 Accessories Catalog

It was this system that inspired the "Big Fat Pipe" honorific, as in R.O.T.B.F.P. (Recumbent Order of The Big Fat Pipe). To earn this honorific, you need to lay on the ground under/behind your SAAB to admire your new BFP SAAB exhaust system!

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Finally, here's the exhaust tip from the 225hp SAAB Viggen, first unveiled in April, 1999 at the New York Auto Show.

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