SAABs at Carlisle '02...

Here are a few of the SAABs shown at Carlisle on May 18, 2002

It was cold. And windy. It was windy and cold. But the rain stopped, at least, but boy, was it cold.

Some of these shots are panoramas, so be sure to scroll right to see everything.

You couldn't see the C900's without walking. They went, literally, as far as the eye could see. (scroll right)

As did the 9000's. Farther than you could see. (scroll over)

The business end of the 9K lineup.

Mikail Hemmingsen's spectacular and original '80 99 Turbo won first place in the 99 class.

Contrasting old and new gen 95 front ends.

All the 99's were Turbo!s

Bill Jacobson's rarest of the rare Sonett I

Droptop drive. The C900 convertibles went on almost as far as the eye could see. (scroll over)

A spectacular, gorgeous, '64 GT-850. I want it.

More new gens at each of these gatherings.

Yes, the C900s went on as far as the eye could see. (scroll over)

Just a beautiful C900 drop top.

Parking spaces, carefully guarded.

The BFH was on hand along with its caretaker.

Neuswede: the day's hottest item. Jason Morris' decals popped up everywhere: windows, windshields, valve covers.

James Uhl's outrageous Sensonic equipped new gen, the only one of its kind in the US. Can you see anything missing?

Tom Cox, after receiving an award from Marc Fails, fired up the Quantum, to the crowd's delight.


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