Here are a few of the SAABs shown at Carlisle on May 21, 2005

A beautiful, sunny day, absolutely perfect weather as long as long as you brought your sunscreen.

Did they really put the rear mud flaps here on the 93?

96es, 95s and 93

Contrasting the classic and the new: Al S's C900 CV and the 93 Sport Sedan

Chilling out: Andrew W. (left) and Jason M. (in hatch)

Contrasting the classic and the new: Bill J's C900 CV and the 92 X

Here's that new front clip Lester was looking for!

C900CV Lineup

Tom C's Sonett II

Seth B ready to pull out in his 68 V4 Sonett.

Josh Pollak with his Sonett III (with the semi permanently raised lights).

Larry F and Sonett II # 214

Mikael H took the hat trick with 3(!) trophies, including for the 99 pickup truck.

The Vapaa Quantum I

The model (on dash) was the same as the car.

More chilling out.

Seth, George M, and Kevin

The Red Car

The Red Car some more

Tom C's 93 racer

Phil L with BFH and wares...

So it's [NS], but here's a car that just defines quirky. A beautiful '66 Citroen DS21 Convertible.

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