May 17, 2008: On balance, a cool and dry day Saturday with alternating sun and clouds. The convertible tops stayed down!

Lots of European style license plates in attendance; i guess this is the new rage.

Close encounters of the SAAB kind!

Crazy frog in an '83 Turbo!, modified for family entertainment.

Central Penn is a big club; even with its own trailer!

Shiny 9k Aero engine compartment; everything polished and detailed.

The photo doesn't really do justice, but I loved this color.

Aaron's '90 SPG

Two digit lineup.

Puttyus Maximus and Mark's/Tom's 93 racer

Jefff Proposki's "office"

Classic 900 convertible lineup


John Webber's outrageous 16V 99T Aero
Color accents everywhere on this car

Nice '77 99 EMS

Bill Jenkins' '74 EMS, see below for car's history

Lot's of Viggens.

Jon Dennis, all the way from Kentucky.

Jack Lawrence's outrageous, tube framed "Sonett" racer got lots of attention.

Jak Stoll checks out the X wheel drive drivetrain.
The new 93SS with X wheel drive is rated at 15(!) MPG city.

SPG lineup.

95 lineup.

The GM Heritage Collection's immaculately restored '85 SPG

Absolutely showroom engine compartment.

I sense a disturbing trend in mutilating the noses of Sonett IIs...

99 lineup.

Chip, Larry, Paul, Kevin and the new gen lineup.

Once again, Talladega Red SPGs everywhere.

[ns] (Non-SAAB) section...


A Volkswagen SP2 sports car, made in Brazil on the 411 chassis.
The "Battle of Britain" was waged with the Messerschmitt between two Spitfires. And you thought the Spitfire was a small car?
The "two faced" two stroke Janus 750.
Ever seen one of these before? I hadn't.

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