May 22, 2010: Overcast with comfortable temperatures and just the slightest threatening sprinkle. Again, the sun came out, the sunscreen went on, and the storms stayed away. Overall, a fine day for SAABS@Carlisle!

Jonathan Williams' latest acquisition.

A beautiful Bumble Bee with just 32k miles.

SAAB 95, pre-Gary Fisher Edition...

Lots of classic convertibles

Sonett with pop-up camper


Heavily modified new gen. Looks at all those blow off valves!

And, a custom exhaust manifold puts this turbo! in another location entirely.

95 line up

Don't know if it was a real race car but it sure had lots of decals.

Stealth 93 Sport Sedan with minimal ground clearance in front.

A standard 93 Sport Sedan.


Lots of yellow convertibles, in addition to the two Bumble Bees in attendance.

I know I'm getting old when Classic 900s begin sporting historic license plates.

Perry Ellington's t-shirt and '86 notch back sporting his political statement of the day.
Perry reported that some people wanted to buy his t-shirt.

Last but not least,

So it's [NS], but this was one unusual little car.A KG some or other, I already forget the name, but it's a 3 wheeler with a boxer twin, air cooled, with provision for crank starting. In the driver's seat were a leather pilot's cap and goggles. The sign on the right said PLEASE TOUCH!

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