May 18, 2013: Overcast and threatening, it stayed around 60f and dry most of the day with convertible tops staying down. Sunscreen was definitely not required for SAABS@Carlisle!

Leave your Toppola at home. Here's the latest in camping accessories.

Anna poses with the the Movie Star Car as featured in Nines and in the movie trailer for Cowboys and Indians. You haven't seen the trailer? Read the story here...

I think the two strokes outnumbered the V4s this year.

Gary Stottler's GT 850

Don Wollum's GT 850

Pretty Sonetts

The Sonabusa

The office of the Sonabusa

Hayabusa engine, 200hp, 12,000 RPM redline, rear wheel drive, just 1500 lbs

Absolutely outrageous

77? 99 EMS

99 Turbo!

Classic 900 3 door

Custom SPG

If the Bumble Bee had come as a hard top

Some times life isn't fair. Jonathan Williams' perfect, pristine, spotless, scratch built SPG restoration presented on the show field with a donut spare.

9000 CS

Early 9000s

OG 93

OG 93 CV

93 Viggen

OG 93 CV

NG 900 CV


93 Sport Sedan

NG 93 CVs

This car was lowered to about finger depth.

Kevin Q (in blue) with his people's choice award winning Turbo-X

NG 95. there must have been a dozen of these on the field


95 station wagon

The wrapped stealth 95 as featured in Nines




Chuck Christ holds forth on That Darned Orange SAAB at the indoor invitational display

Classic 900 CVs everywhere

In all colors

At least three go karts on the field, this one under the tent at the invitational display.

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