May 21, 2016: The nearly unceasing rain did little to dampen the enthusiasm of the attendees. It was another great Saabs@Carlisle!

Tom Donney (rear) brought the Erik Carlsson RAC Rally Winning Car

Jack Lawrence showed his new hobby car with a "lightly built" V4 with a mild cam with a pleasant lope at 2,000 RPM...

John Moss, Jack Lawrence, Tom Donney

John Moss regales the crowd with Erik Carlsson stories, some you may have heard before, some maybe not.

Sealed beam LED headlights, plug and play!

Owner says superior to original lights, if slightly pricey.

John Moss and Gary Stottler with Gary's '78 99 Turbo!

Michael Grieco with his custom 9000

From the best vanity plate of the day department...

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