SAABs at Carlisle 99...

Here are a few of the SAABs shown at Carlisle on May 15, 1999

The most outrageous engine compartment I saw, with stickies on every exposed surface. The red box next to the power steering reservoir is some kind of capacitive discharge ignition system, the sticker on top of it read something like: "Too fast for you!". This car was detailed to perfection, I've never seen anything quite so spotless...
A partial lineup, just some of the cars shown. Next to the red 9C is Alan Snelson's Beryl Green SPG, then Hubby Dean's Gunnar, Blaithin's Ashling, Mjollnir, the SAAB powered Sports Racer, a purple Sonett and Larry's Tomten.
Steve Church's autocross Sonett, hot on Yellow Thunder's tail, from all reports...
A Purple Sonett III
A SAAB powered Sports Racer built from predominantly stock 96 or 93 suspension bits bolted to a space frame under fiberglass bodywork.

Larry's Report:  Charles Christ brought his # 25 roadster. A GT750 drivetrain mated to a Begra body (think SCCA Sports Racer). Restored from the 1959/60 Begra Sebring Saab.
The mid-mounted 750cc mighty three complete with standard gearbox at the rear and standard, uncut driveshafts.
And last, but not least, Kevin Quigley's 900T, the 9-3 wannabe. ;-)

Larry's Report:

More than 21 Saabs registered for the 1999 Carlisle Import-Kit/Replicar Nationals this past weekend in scenic Carlisle, PA. This was quite a turnout, as last year I think there were maybe three Saabs seen on the Show Field.

Many thanks to all who came out, what with the relatively short notice, and minimal organization!

Saturday morning, bright & early, Kevin and I made the three mile trek from the Carlisle Travelodge to the fairgrounds. After a brief registration, where we received our window sitckers, placards and goodie bags, we were directed onto the show field.

We were directed to a place near a sign that has 'Saab Club of America' on it (Sorry, Steve! I told them the right name!). Anyway, it was a long way down to the other 'main' road through the show field, where there was a tent set up. I took a walk, and discovered that the tent was for us! We had made the 20 pre-registrations needed for Carlisle to provide a tent for the club's use.

Kevin & I moved our cars down near the tent, and waited for the expected throngs...

In all, the Classic 900 was the best represented, followed by three New generation 900s, one Sonetts, one 9000 and my forlorn little Tomten (99 GLi).

Lastly, there were two competition Saabs. Charles Christ brought his # 25 roadster. A GT750 drivetrain mated to a Begra body (think SCCA Sports Racer). Restored from the 1959/60 Begra Sebring Saab. Does anyone have more history on this car???

And, Steve Church brought his Sonett Autocrosser - "Yellow Thunder's Nemesis" as he called it ;-)

Sad to say, there were no 93s, 96s or 95s in evidence!

Sean Mullady & friends brought a pile of parts to sell in the swap meet area. I bought some stuff, and hopefully the trip was worth it for them.

Parts for Saabs were hard to find, but they were there. I came home with: 2/3 of a grille for Tomten, a 79 900 (non-t) grille, a set of the deep thermoplastic mats in blue for a C900, some brochures, a set of 99/900/90 towing mirrors, and some other doo-dads.

Perhaps our presence will help other vendors to bring out more Saab Stuff, and if we can publicize the event more in the Saab community, we'll get more people to show their cars, and more vendors! PA is full of Saab shops who could certainly make a few bucks at this show.

Here's the rundown of the people who attended and their cars:
Kevin Quigley & 'turbo9', a 1995 900 SET
Larry West & 'Tomten', a 1980 99 GLi
Jim Richards - 1972 Sonett III '72SONETT'
Charles Christ & the #25 racer
Andrew Wright and his 1985 900 turbo
Thor Carlson & 'Mjollnir', his 1986 900 SPG
Deb Lusby & 'Aisling', her 1985 900t 3-door
Dean Lusby & 'Beren', his 1985 900t 4-door
Alan Snelson and his spectacular Beryl Green 91 900 SPG
Marc Fails & 90 900S
Frank Bailey & 90 900t
Marlon Vaz and his trophy-winning 1986 900 turbo
Pat Terrick & her 1987 900s
Jack Terrick & his 1997 9000 CS
M. Sherman & his 1997 900 turbo convert.
Steve Church and his 1973 Sonett autocrosser
Sean Mullady and his 1992 900t
George Basehore and his immaculate 1985 900 base model (I want to see this one & Matchock's go head to head at the concours...) George actually attended Friday & Sunday!

Several others attended, but I didn't get all their names. There was the chap from Eisenhower Saab who bought the cheap Sonett III on the trailer, and Colin from Montreal, who was looking for a 9000 headlamp.

In conjunction with the Import-Kit/Replicar show was the 'Custom Compact Power Jam', populated by hundreds of compact cars festooned with stickers, neon bits, loud stereos, big wheels & narrow tires. But, the one part that might have been of some interest was the Dyno testing. $75 & you get 4 quick runs.

For Y2K, let's make it bigger! My goal is to outnumber those 'other Swedes'. That would put us in the running for most cars registered!

Maybe we could get places like Sweeney's, Lititz, and even Sports Car Service to come out.

Look for me to be heavily promoting the Y2K Carlisle Import show in six or seven month's time. In the meantime, pencil in the third weekend of May, 2000!

Larry West


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