For Sale
1993 Saab 900 Turbo Convertible
$1500 or Best Offer

Automatic Transmission
196,836 Miles
Reliable Daily Driver

Condition: Fair/Tired

This car is inspected, registered and insured and can be test driven at our location in northwest New Jersey. It is serviced and has recent Kumho tires.

The Turbo! pulls well and the automatic transmission functions as it should.
The car burns no oil.
Sony CD Stereo with aux input
Includes plastic clamshell cover for top

Some of this car's needs.

We have tried to provide an accurate description of this car's condition including any mechanical needs. Overall it is tired but functional. Please ask if you have any questions, we will be honest in answers because our reputation is worth far more than a car.

This is The Movie Star Car!

The following photos depict the car's appearance on October 31, 2015

Please direct inquiries to Thor Carlson at carlsonthor (at) gmail (dot) com

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