The Mason-Dostie Maneuver
Some classic 900 Turbo!s suffer from a bad front hydraulic motor/trans mount allowing too much drivetrain lash.

Open the hood and have an assistant load the drivetrain (slip the clutch in 1st gear with the engine revved and the brake set) while you observe engine movement.  If the front of the engine rises overly much with respect to the car body, you might consider The Mason/Dostie maneuver.

Tom Townsend describes his modification at the web site:

Duane Dostie used a piece of wood under the bracket, IIRC.

For Mjollnir, I inserted a used solid rubber SAAB muffler hanger under the U shaped bracket.  This made a tremendous improvement in overall drivetrain feel.  Before the mod, the shifter was seesawing back and forth as I got on and off the smile pedal, now the shifter is rock solid.

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