The When There Is Not A Convention In The Northeast Picnic!

Party Favors!
The Lorenz Family were very gracious hosts and genuinely nice folks.
Everyone admired Ed's garage(s) and workshop!
Two strokes, 96's, V4 Sonett, Sonett III, 99, 900, 9000 were all represented. I even saw a 9^5 parked out front when I left.

A vintage lineup.

Drew (not in picture) Konnerth's Sonett III. "Everything you can't see is done!", he said.

Some very impressive engineering work here. Note the aluminum hinge brackets, the motorized(!) headlight buckets and the first class fiberglass work.

Jim Richards' '72 III.

A loverly III

My favorite angle on these cars.

3/4 of the fabulous Lorenz collection.

The last 1/4, an absolutely perfect '66 sedan, just spectacular, being guarded by a later model brother in the distance...

Bill Trench's maiden voyage in the freshly restored '63 96 continued. His first trip in the car and he was up to 700 miles after driving from the NESA event the day before! This car is truly spectacular, note the Trench-installed sunroof, the biggest opening I've ever seen.

The spotless and perfect engine compartment.

From the left, the first three cars are the Lorenz collection, then Hammare, a lovely gray C900C, Chip's world famous Dutch '74 99 Kombi Coupe and George M's (Nein) '86 SPG.

A lovely V4.

Riley Lorenz (on porch) made sure all attendees received a door prize.

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