It's been said that SAABs are poetry in motion and certainly our beloved autos have prompted much lyric inspiration.

Herewith then, some on-topic verse


The Honeymoon

I went upon my honeymoon

My husband he went too

Well! A friend of ours once told us

That's what you're meant to do

The car was piled with luggage

Tin cans were strung behind

We chose a seaside hotel

The best that we could find

Upon arrival we were met

By friendly management

The bridal suite was filled with flowers

Champagne on ice was sent

At last the hour of darkness fell

and I prepared for bed,

"I'll go and put the car away"

My brand new husband said

Two hours later all alone

I searched for him in tears

One peep into the garage

Confirmed my deepest fears

He'd met a kindred spirit

The owner of a SAAB

With heads under the bonnet

They discussed his triple carb

I could see that I was beaten

It was written on his face

In a choice between the car and me

I'd already lost the race

But you can learn to love them

Just as you your spouse

As long as you don't mind

The bits of engine in your house

So take heart all you wives

and girlfriends, All is not in vain

If you can share his love of SAABs

Together you'll remain.

Transcribed from the SAAB club newsletter (Compact Front Wheel Drive Club of America), May 6, 1977

Originally published in the British SAAB Owner's Newsletter 4-77

The Sonett has provided so much inspiration, it requires its own page:

 Ode to Sonett

Twinkle, Twinkle little truck

I wonder whose car next you'll f*ck

Though you're driven like a car

Your bumper's simply up too far

S U V, you're like a truck

Underneath your front I'm stuck

Jeff Powell, February 2001

Some weeks ago my eye did spy,

A pushed-in spot where a bumper high,

Did caress my 4-door's tail,

(It had been well and truly nailed.)

My questing eye revealed no note,

The jerkbag simply heaved his boat

To port or starboard, chugged away,

Let damage be as damage may.

A friend of mine was nailed as well;

Her grille was shattered all to hell!

And which of us knows not a one

With Saab unscathed by dent-and-run?

When Ares' bloody hand is shown,

And panic raised and discord sown,

Shall case be made 'tween foe and foe?

'Twas this, not that one, struck the blow?

Nay, once grave Ares' dogs unleashed

Do ravage, Justice shall be not beseeched,

So may all Turboids raise a key,

And gouge the paint of an SUV!


Gavin McNett, February, 2001
The Viggen Song

(Sung to the tune of "The Tigger Song.")

A wonderful thing is a Viggen,

A Viggen's a wonderful thing,

Its head is a-made of a-lum'num,

Its tail is a-firm'ly springed.

It's bouncy, pouncy, flouncy, trouncy,

Fun fun fun fun fun!

But the terrible thing 'bout a Viggen,

Is that I do not have one.

Gavin McNett, June, 2001

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