Swedish Car Day was held October 19, 2003 at the

It was cold, and damp and drizzly. The drizzlies kept my camera zipped up inside my jacket much of the time but here are just a few images of the day.

This was not intended as a self portrait, but it's the only shot with enough contrast to read the text. This car was a green C900 Turbo! with what appeared to be a functional NACA duct at the leading edge of the hood, exiting underneath just above the K&N filter charger. This car had lots of interesting details...

The 99 turnout was the highlight of the event. Sorry I don't remember all the owners, but second from the right is Craig Webster's new (to him) '70 99 with later model bumpers (the chrome bumpers were in the trunk). The burgundy '78 99EMS hatchback next was just as pretty as anything, as was the next, a silver '78 99T. And that's burleywood, third from the end.

Many newer models were in evidences, as well as a good turnout of C900 convertibles.

A very small sampling of the C900 turnout. There were maybe five times more examples than these. That's "?", the former George M SPG in front.

There were at least one or two other Sonetts, but somehow they didn't get into the picture. Jon Bartlett knows how to keep his pride and joy (semi) dry.

A respectable turnout of bullnoses and longnoses. Two strokes and V4s. Wagons and saloons.

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