Just a few images from the 2005 SAAB Owners Convention.
No copyrights on these pictures. Enjoy 'em, use 'em, or forget 'em.

Answering the question of how perfect a 1984 Turbo! in Special Black can be. This beautiful well maintained example has 176,000 miles!

And this droolworthy convertible has just 24,000 original miles.

Tom Donney smiles from the cockpit of "The Oldest SAAB in America", a 1950 Model 92. Tom gave joy rides to all who asked to experience this piece of SAAB history.

Nines publisher Seth Bengelsdorf in the rumble seat of the seven passenger SAAB 95, the first SAAB SUV!.

This is how the company cars were marked.

A very nice custom 96. Note the inset detail of the front turn signals.

A lineup of drop tops.

Competing in the "Dare to be Different" category: Jack Lawrence's two stroke SAAB powered forklift.

James Fox's new ride, the former works rally car straight from the old country.

In the funny category, there was the funny car on the left, whose only bit of SAABness was the CS painted nose, and the 99 on the right with a 340 cubic inch Mopar V8 driving the rear wheels. Funny because when fired up the funny car set off many car alarms in the parking lot.

A packed parking lot, patiently awaiting the airplane flyover for the group photo.

Jim Hutching's rather outrageous ice racer; note the inset engine detail. On another note, Jim's 96 won first in class in the Concours de SAAB.

John Moss makes rebuilding a V4 transmission look like childs play while padawan Lester watches and learns.

How perfect can a V4 96 be? Look closely at the ORIGINAL mileage on this beauty.

A peak under the hood of a more than 35 year old car with just 653 original miles.

Some choose to get their hands dirty at a convention and what better place?

Bill Jacobson's pretty Quantum IV shared the spotlight with his Sonett I.

Ol Blue and SAAB-O on the concours deck.


Lester watches as the concours judges examine his *pristine* Sonett II. Lester took first place in the Sonett class.

And to prove this was no garage queen the very same concours winning car turned in a screaming 51HP on the dyno.

The Society for the Prevention of Tuber Trashing has been notified.

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