Just a few images from the 2008 SAAB Owners Convention.
No copyrights on these pictures. Enjoy 'em, use 'em, or forget 'em.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jon Williams' just finished white airflow

By 6:30 A.M. the car wash was a busy place

David Prantl prepares to give the seminar on SAAB air conditioning.

Owner pride on the People's Choice field

Many spare parts available from a variety of vendors

David Hosmer's Sonett II #219 of 258 ever built

Many chose to test their car's mettle on the dyno

Checking dyno scores

Concours judges John Moss and Bruce Welch critiquing Bruce Billings' 95

Staying cool

Dyno results, proudly posted

Extra air for your Sonett? (this car is for sale)

Classic 900 convertibles line up for the group photo

V4 rally car with all the go fast bits

Group photo lineup

Saturday evening shenanigans

Jonah operating on Kevin's NG while David holds Jon's maglight

Serious artillery in the form of a four barrel, DI Cassette fired potato cannon

Jerry Danner and John Moss demonstrate "Swedish Air Conditioning"

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sten Wenlo speaks of Robert Sinclair

Where's Bob?

Tom Donney repairs a fuel line on The Getaway Car

galanti, Prantl, Mabel, Cox

Lester's II

Reportedly, these cars ran together on a trans-Canada rally

Jon Williams' stainless headers.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

George M, Steve G, Larry W

Tom Donney drove out from Fort Dodge in The Getaway Car

With a very comfy driver's seat. And, who said SAABs don't have cupholders?

Ed Lorenz's Concourse Worthy '66 96

Bruce Turk's V4

Behind the Jack and Pat Lawrence RV

Jerry Danner strikes again.

World record and competition cars from the Heritage Collection

Watching a slide show of Lester's D Sports Racer Restoration

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