Some Images from the Tri State Tour

(October 18, 1997)

October 18 dawned drizzly and rapidly turned into a beautiful fall day with clear skies and cool temperatures. And yes, Dostie rode with the top down.

At the starting line in Hope, NJ. Note the Swedish flag on Viggen's hood and the horned helmet on Hagar's sunroof.
Let's see, from the left, that's "Bad" Rob (Wagner), can't remember, can't remember, can't remember, Paul (Hagar Yo Hat) Matchok, Hubby Dean, Ben (the SLAAB) Tyson, Duane (Magellan) Dostie, Caryn and Dave Spingarn, Kevin (Big Phat Pipe) Quigley, Larry (Baron von Turbo!) West, and yr hmble scrbe, Thor.
At the first rest stop at High Point State Park, from the left it was Viggen, Hagar, Mjollnir, Magellan, Bad Rob's Mom's car, Kevin Quigley's 900SET, then I lose track.
The c**kie goddess and Hubby Dean. Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Chip, Toll House and Cream Filled Cupcakes. One kind in each bucket...
Duane, Hubby Dean and Blaithin at Raymondskill Falls (home of the $333k outhouse).
Blaithin's "Ashling", a gorgeous 85 900T
:Bad" Rob strikes a pose on his mom's car.

"Bad" Rob gets the award for longest distance traveled to the tour, having flown in from Texas just for the event!