NJ SAAB Owners' Club Tour, June 15, 2002

The theme was supposed to be "The old man and his car" in honor of father's day. I forgot to take pictures of old men and I almost forgot to take pictures of cars too. But here are a few anyway...

It was a damp and misty start atop Sunrise Mountain. On arrival, I was greeted by (among others) the '63 (Bill Trench) and '61 Rally Car (Bruce Turk) 96's. Puttyous, indeed.

Here's everyone at Raymondskill Falls, in front of the world famous world's most expensive self composting outhouse. The falls were pretty cool too.

(Scroll over if you need to)

Lewis Eig's magnificent Sonett II.

19 (20?) cars meant there was some driveway overflow at the picnic...

The Carrellas kept their SAAB Magical Moose safely belted in.

What's a SAAB Magical Moose?

A SAAB Magical Moose is a moose that transforms into a blue 95 station wagon!

End of the day. Only Larry's '80 99, the Carrellas' 2001 95 and Hammare, the '84 Turbo! remain.

See, hear and smell the Popcorn as some two stroke cars leave for the day...

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