Some Images from the First Tri State Tour

It was the first Tri State Tour. Reminiscenses by Chip Lamb in September, 1998:

I think it's great that this little gathering of friends begun in August of 1996 has become quite the tradition! Cookies to Blaithin! (Well, I woulda put Kudos, but cookies seemed more appropriate)

The original Tour participants were:

- Joe Grez - Wilmington, DE - 1971 SAAB 96V4
- Rob & Kathy Wagner - Brooklyn, NY - 1973 96V4
- Marsha & Cindy Metzger - Caldwell, NJ - 1994 900S
- Kerry Mull (and friend) - Fleetwood, PA - 1994 900S
- Thor Carlson - Newton, NJ - 1986 SPG
- Chip Lamb - Essex Fells, NJ - 1990 SPG
- Matt Raymond - New York City - 1984 900T

The First New Jersey/PA SAAB Tour began in Easton PA (though yours truly led the Metzgers from Caldwell and Thor and Matt from Netcong, NJ through the NW NJ twisties). We parked at the Easton, PA McDonalds at 9:30AM and didn't get away until 11:15AM.

Headed southbound on PA611 to PA32, our first stop was at a shadetree SAAB mechanic's shop, where 2 Sonett III bodyshells were discovered. Switching drivers, Rob Wagner and I proceeded to get cut off from the convoy in the mayhem of New Hope, PA in Joe Grez's 1971 V4. Kathy Wagner, driving Kristina, the 1990 SPG, finally found us and led us to Washington's Corner, PA, where we met up for lunch.

Switching to the Wagner "Beige Car" with Kathy driving Joe's 1971 and Joe and Rob in the 1990 SPG, we headed into New Jersey. The Tour was cut short sometime later as the two NG900s had to split, and the short route was determined to dinner at the Ship Inn in Milford, NJ where homemade brew and fish and chips were enjoyed by all.

From the front, that's Joe's 96, Bad Rob's 96, Matt's '84 900T, Thor's '86 SPG (Mjollnir), Chip's '90 SPG, Kerry's '94 900S, and Marsha Metzger's '94 900S.
At the Ship Inn at tour's conclusion. That's Chip Lamb on the left and "Bad" Rob Wagner in the black shirt on the right.
Fron the left, that's Rob's 96, Thor's SPG (Mjollnir) and Joe Grez's 96.
Another view of the same thing.