Memories of SAABtoberfest, October 9, 1999

The 96 with the Big Fat Pipe. That's a Supertrapp muffler back there!

Larry West, Chairman of the New Jersey SAAB Owners' Club and Chairman of SAAB 2000, the Y2K SAAB Owners' Convention, dutifully dons his scarf and SEG in the company supplied 9^3 convertible.

A pair of Viggens (the 99 has Viggen plates).

Lunch break. With Mjollnir in the FG.

Blaithin presents the 2nd annual drool bucket award.

The drool bucket winner, a 69 V4 Sonett.

Larry West with the Scania pumpkin.

Turbo!'s own Geoff Clark.

Seth Bengelsdorf and Duane Dostie, celebrating the uncovering and remediation of Seth's boost problem.

Kevin Quigley's TURBO9. IIRC, the door sign translates to something like: "Driver in training".

Looking forward to the Spring tour...

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