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Saab Song 4:50 - Turbo! lister Aaron Clow wrote this song and recorded it some time ago with his band, Twisted Agenda. Aaron granted me permission to use the song as background music for a slide show. Most of the photo and video content I took at various Saab events, with a few exceptions, notably Lester's flying Sonett, the Ursaab, and many of the SOC2K 96 pictures were taken by Kevin Quigley using my (novelty at the time) digital camera. This video features the small screen debut of a one week old Chance Sebastian Adventure Lacefield.
2takt :31 - I put this 30 second clip together in 2002 from parts of the old VHS video "Wheels on Ice", featuring lots of footage of Erik Carlsson rallying the old two strokers. Right about that time, there was a viral video of a formula race car with the silliest soundtrack, and the rest is history. This video was premiered to the faithful at the 2002 SAAB Owner's Convention to great guffaws all around. Pre-youtube, of course. Eager to outdo myself, I had completed about 90% of something even better to be premiered at the 2005 convention, then tragedy struck in the shape of a hard drive failure and I never had the heart to revisit the project. Let that be a lesson to you, as soon as you finish your masterpiece, upload it to the cloud. And, save early, save often!
Download the mp3 sound file only.
Download the video as an mpeg.
SAAB Vintage Rides 2:33 - at the 2005 SAAB Owners' Convention at Stratton Mountain in Vermont. Attendees were treated to rides in classic SAABs to get a feel for the heydey of the two digit cars. For this one, I just stood with a camcorder (Sony Digital 8 Handycam) and edited the twenty or so minutes down to something watchable. ABBA seems to inspire love/hate from a lot of people but I thought the lighthearted tone of the rides blended well with the poppy music. And, it doesn't hurt that the band is Swedish! Some time signatures to watch for in the video: at :05 is Tom Donney's 1950 model 92, aka "The Oldest SAAB in America", :20 is (I think) Bruce Billings' two stroke 95, :28 is Larry Feer's Sonett II #214, 1:03 is Bruce Turk's Puttyus Maximus rally car, 1:11 is Steve and Martha Carellas waving from Bill Trench's restored '61 96, 1:39: don't know who owns the lovely Sonett V4, 2:16: How many places can you see a traffic jam of red two stroke Sonetts? One is Larry's and one is Lester's. Since I used a copyrighted soundtrack it looks like you'll need to watch this one on YouTube.
A Ride in Soneat 2:13 - At New Jersey Motorsports Park, September 25, 2010. Stefan Vapaa wore the helmet cam and I stood in the spectator area with my camcorder. With a little juxtaposition of camera views we try to put you in the race. Read more about Soneat, a unique 1968 Sonett V4 roadster, on Stefan's web site.
Soneat 1:46 - At New Jersey Motorsports Park, September 25, 2010. Strictly spectator views of the vintage racing with a focus on Soneat. Read more about Soneat, a unique 1968 Sonett V4 roadster, on Stefan's web site.
D Sports Racer SAAB Two Stroke Powered :51 - Lester's D Sports Racer on the dyno at the 2007 SAAB Owners' convention. The man in the crow's nest is none other than Seth Bengelsdorf, erstwhile publisher of Nines, the Saab Club Magazine.
A Ride in Puttyus Maximus 1:17 - In 2005 Bruce Turk invited me to navigate for him at Rally New York. The in-car portion of this video was taken during that two day event. Some years later, Bruce's car was shown on Speed (the opening clip) and also featured in another video here on YouTube. I grabbed the outside Puttyus clips and co-mingled those with the in car clips taken during my experience. The result is another attempt to communicate the in car experience. If Bruce ever asks you to navigate for him, you should first verify your life insurance policies are paid up, give your spouse or next of kin your policy and credit card numbers, update your will, then go and have the ride of your life!
VSCNA Picnic Gymkhana 2:23 - Another bit of SAAB Silliness, courtesy of Bruce Turk, host of the Vintage SAAB Club of North America picnic at his home. The gymkhana was a gimmicky driving event that has been sped up here for faster viewing. The Led Zeppelin soundtrack was originally deleted by YouTube because it was copyrighted material, but apparently they have found a means to monetize that because the music has been restored.
Yellow Thunder on the Dyno 1:03 - Chris Moberg's Sonett III at the 2003 SAAB Onwers' Convention in Hershey, PA. Read more about Yellow Thunder, on Chris's web site.
SAAB Sonett II on Dyno 1:07 - Lester's Sonett II pulls the dyno at the 2005 SAAB Owners' Convention at Stratton Mountain, Vt. Only 258 of these beauties were *ever* built. Hang in there for the Phil Lacefield cameo at the end.
That Darned Orange SAAB on the Dyno 0:17 - Chuck Christ wrings out the racing 841cc 93F on the dyno at SOC03.
A Girl and Her SAAB 0:26 - Wherein my daughter demonstrates the electric top mechanism on her beloved '93 C900CVT.
Chip drives the SAAB Quantum IV (HD) 1:05 - Wherein Chip Lamb drives the SAAB Quantum IV at SAABS@Carlisle, 2011
Bruce drives the SAAB Quantum IV (HD) 1:09 - Wherein Bruce Turk drives the SAAB Quantum IV at SAABS@Carlisle, 2011
Chuck wakes up the crowd (HD) :21 - Wherein Chuck Christ revs That Darned Orange SAAB at SAABS@Carlisle, 2011
Vintage Rides at SOC11 (HD) 2:27 - Join us for vicarious rides in classic SAABs at the 2011 SAAB Onwers Convention in Parsippany, NJ
1990 SAAB SPG on the Dyno (HD) 1:20 - Eric Howell's '90 SPG pulls the dyno at the 2011 SAAB Owners Convention in Parsippany, NJ
SAAB SPG on Dyno (HD) 1:06 - Edwardian Gray SPG pulls the dyno at the 2011 SAAB Owners Convention in Parsippany, NJ

Music Videos With Saab Content

The Vaselines Sex with an X 4:26 - Don't be put off by the title. This feel good video is G rated and features a black classic 900 Turbo! convertible in the first few minutes. Feels so good, it must be bad for me...
My God Is An Angry God (Juan Manuel Fangio Castiga Los Pecados Del Mundo) 4:51 - Don't ask me what it means, but here's a whole music video featuring an Edwardian Gray SPG. Spot the Bentley!

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